Carpet repairs Northern Beaches

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We service the Northern Beaches on a daily basis with neat, tidy workmanship and fast, reliable service.

On time and effective repairs

Carpet seam repairs

We do all Northern Beaches carpet repairs and North Shore carpet repairs, more cost effectively than buying new carpet.

Carpet burn removal

We fix cigarette carpet burns, fireplace burns, heater burns and iron burns so that no trace is left.

Carpet stain removal

We fix stubborn wine stains, dog stains, blood stains, ink stains, water and pet stains that steam cleaning can't remove.

Carpet stretching

We can stretch your carpet to fix bumps and ripples, leaving it safer to walk on and looking great.

Carpet mould repair

We fix Northern Beaches carpet mould stains due to standing water, ensuite bathrooms and damp.

Carpet water damage

We repair carpet water damage from bathrooms, ensuites, and leaks in the laundry or kitchen.

Carpet tears and rips

We fix carpet rips on the Northern Beaches caused by dogs and cats, doors, accidents and wear and tear.

Carpet hole repair

We fix carpet holes caused by accidents, furniture or high usage. Call 0418 225 865 for a Northern Beaches carpet repair quote today.

Northern Beaches Carpet Repairs

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